Healing properties of silver - what is worth knowing?


Healing properties of silver.

Everyone knows for sure that silver is primarily the metal from which beautiful jewelry is made. However, not everyone is aware of what else is hidden in this metal. It turns out that silver also has properties that can positively affect the human body. Does this metal really have healing properties?

How does silver affect humans?
When it comes to the influence of silver on humans, we can talk about it in two aspects. First, there is a type of silver that is part of many prescription drugs known as colloidal silver. Secondly, it also turns out that silver can also have health effects through skin contact.

Colloidal silver - how does it work?
Colloidal silver, also called colloidal or colloidal silver, is a pharmaceutical raw material that is mainly used to make prescription drugs. It is a combination of silver with protein and gelatin.

Silver has bactericidal, viral and fungicidal properties, which is why it has been used to treat many diseases since the 19th century. Collargol is used only externally, primarily in ophthalmology, as well as in dermatology.

Although colloidal silver is sometimes also sold as a dietary supplement, in a very diluted form, it is worth remembering that the American Food and Drug Administration, despite conducting many studies, has not found sufficient evidence confirming its effectiveness.

Can silver jewelry heal?
In this case, the opinions are divided. While some people argue that wearing silver jewelry the right way can help treat certain medical conditions, it probably works as a placebo.

According to some beliefs, a silver necklace or chain, worn of course around the neck, calms and soothes the nerves. Silver jewelry worn on the ring finger is also supposed to have the ability to lower blood pressure.

If we wear silver rings on the index fingers of both hands, they will help to calm the digestive system.

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