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All you Need to Know About Ametrine

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What is Ametrine?

Ametrine is actually not a single unique mineral – it’s two minerals mixed together! As you might be able to guess from its portmanteau name, these two minerals are amethyst and citrine, which are both forms of quartz.

It is a highly unique blend of these two energies, and the perfect two-in-one stone for the minimalist crystologist!

Ametrine is also known as trystine or bolivianite. The latter of which names is a reference to the fact that almost all ametrine today is mined in the country of Bolivia.

It is possible that the first appearance of ametrine in Europe was when Spanish conquistadors brought it back from Bolivia. Although it is also possible that it simply was not recognized as anything except a mix of amethyst and citrine in Europe until especially impressive pieces were brought back from the Americas.

Ametrine is formed when tiny iron particles locked inside the matrix of the quartz crystals begin to oxidize at different rates.

This is usually due to differences in temperature between the two different parts of the stones.

As you can imagine, this is a very unique and unusual situation to occur in the natural world!

Because of this, when ametrine was first discovered, it was highly prized as a truly unique stone.

However, a stone having different degrees of heat applied to it is a very easy situation to recreate in a lab. Meaning that ametrine is easily and readily made synthetically.

There is nothing wrong with this, and laboratory ametrine has all the same properties as naturally occurring ametrine. As long as it is actually made of irradiated quartz crystals, rather than coloured glass.

The unusual and unique combination of colours in ametrine make it a highly popular jewel for aesthetic purposes. But its magical properties are often understated.

Some people feel that this stone has a “confused” energy because of how it shares the properties of both citrine and amethyst.

However, if you are looking for a combination of these properties, this is the perfect stone for you!

Why Would You Use Ametrine?

Here’s the simple answer: if you want amethyst, and you also want citrine, use ametrine. On the basic level, it really is that straightforward!

However, there are some other facets that make using ametrine more desirable than using separate amethyst and citrine crystals. Besides the cost-efficiency of buying one crystal instead of two!

With the combination of physical citrine and cerebral amethyst, this stone brings together the physical and psychic worlds as no other stone can.

Ametrine is one of the very few imaginable crystals that actually links a stone with a very physical, earthy/fiery energy with one that has a highly spiritual and intellectual energy!

There are other reasons that the combination of amethyst and citrine is positive too. Citrine is a good stone for manifesting desires, but you have to know what you desire before you can manifest it.

That’s where amethyst comes in – it’s a wonderful stone for imagination, expanding the mind, and also for thinking through consequences and results in a logical, organized way.

Combining your amethyst with your citrine in a piece of ametrine will prevent you from falling into the all too common “be careful what you wish for” trap, where you may end up getting what you thought you wanted, without realizing all of the consequences and fallout from that situation.

When paired with Mother of Pearl, this is an excellent stone for dispelling negativity, not in the “magnet” way that stones like shungite “suck up” negative energy, but instead by “clearing the air” of a negative situation.

Amethyst’s power will allow you to effectively evaluate highly emotionally charged situations, while the positive and highly optimistic power of citrine will help keep the tone light while you work through your problems with other people.

Because it’s a combination, and the energies of citrine and amethyst are working in synergy in this stone, this is also an excellent stone for promoting harmony within your life.

If you consider yourself either an “amethyst” or a “citrine” type of personality, this stone will vastly improve your relations with “citrines” or “amethysts” (respectively)!

How Will Ametrine Help You?

When you have a stone that gives you the power of one of the most important intellectual stones, the power of a highly positive stone that’s known for granting wishes, and the bonus of improved skills in harmony and compatibility, do I even need to go into all the reasons why it can help you?

It practically goes without saying that ametrine’s powers can be applied in virtually every part of your life, from your career to your relationships.

One of the best places to use ametrine is to improve your relationship with your romantic partner.

The natural compatibility of the two minerals that mingle together in this stone will improve your compatibility, and remind you that even when you have points of difference, the two of you come together in order to make a wonderful whole.

Because of amethyst’s problem-solving powers, and citrine’s manifestation powers and symbolic relationship to money, this is also a fantastic stone to incorporate into your business life.

It’s invaluable if you’re striking out on your own in an entrepreneurial venture, but it’s no less helpful when you’re starting a new job, or even just trying to continuously improve at the position you already have.

Ametrine is an excellent stone for releasing blocked energy.

It releases blocked energy from the solar plexus, crown, and third eye chakras, which are the chakras associated with citrine, amethyst, and ametrine as a whole, respectively.

It can also help get you “un-stuck” in general, as the combination of citrine and amethyst promotes lateral thinking and creativity, and can help you come up with unique solutions to problems – both your own, and those of other people!

Problem-solving skills are rare and valuable, and will not serve you poorly in your life.

If you are interested in auric cleansing, this is a great stone to use for that. Its positive spiritual energy can dispel negative energy from your aura, leaving you open to all the positivity that the world has to offer you.

It will also make you just a touch bolder and more willing to accept those opportunities when they come!

How to Use Ametrine for the Best Results

Since it’s such a uniquely beautiful gem, it would be a shame if ametrine wasn’t best used in ways that are highly visible!

Fortunately, the most effective ways to use this gemstone include wearing it as outwardly visible jewellery, like earrings, pendants, or brooches.

By wearing ametrine in a visible place, you are telling the whole world “I’m a versatile person, and willing to try new things!” The combination of citrine and amethyst will subconsciously draw people towards you.

Even if they don’t believe in the powers of these stones on a metaphysical level, it’s undeniable that seeing someone wearing a beautiful purple and yellow stone can elevate your mood and pique your interest.

Ametrine blends masculine and feminine energy – the masculine energy of citrine, and the feminine energy of amethyst.

Because of this, it is a very beneficial stone for sexuality, where a balance of masculine and feminine energies is important. (Remember, “masculine” and “feminine” is not the same as “male” and “female.”

Even in same-sex relationships, an overload of one type of energy is a recipe for trouble!)

If you feel like the energy of your relationship with your partner is unbalanced, place an ametrine stone next to your bed. Its energy will help keep the energy levels equalized, and prevent one form of energy from taking over completely.

Note that this basic principle can also be applied to non-sexual situations – lots of human interactions and relationships rely on an effective balance of masculine and feminine energies!

If you feel that any of your other relationships, personal or professional, have unbalanced energy, ametrine can help you with them as well.

Since ametrine can correspond to three different chakras, it is not ideal to add it to your collection of chakra stones.

You may want to use it in specific situations where the energy of one of its corresponding chakras is either blocked or excessive in a way that relates to one of its other chakras.

The three chakras it rules are the solar plexus chakra, which rules ambition; the third eye chakra, which rules imagination; and the crown chakra, which rules spirituality.

If you feel like one of these chakras is sluggish, and needs some of the energy from one of the other three, place an ametrine stone against the blocked chakra and feel the energy from the healthy chakra pouring into the underactive one.

The Best Combination to Use with Ametrine

Since it is already a combination of two stones (not to mention technically being a form of quartz, adding a whole extra level of energy!), it is not always advisable to blend the energies of ametrine with those of other stones.

You may find that a stone that works well with amethyst clashes with citrine, or vice versa, leading to a generally negative or underwhelming experience.

However, some stones do play well with both citrine and amethyst, and will, therefore, be relatively safe bets for combining with ametrine.

Clear quartz crystal is an obvious one here – this crystal magnifies all types of energy, so if you feel that you need the power of ametrine to be even more powerful than what it is naturally, then using it in conjunction with a clear quartz crystal will be the most effective way to increase its natural energy.

Ametrine can also effectively be used together with a stone that has relatively gentle banishing or anti-negativity properties, such as smoky quartz or red jasper.

These powers can help clear the way for ametrine to do its best work by dispelling any toxic energy that might disrupt it.

However, this is not frequently necessary, as amethyst already has mild cleansing properties due to its ability to help you clearly discern negativity so that you can detach yourself from it.

Overall, it is advisable to be careful with the use of ametrine in combination with other stones or crystals.

While it can certainly be done, and sometimes to very positive effects, the fact that two different energies are already at play makes it a much trickier business than using two individual stones together.

Before choosing stones to use in combination with your ametrine, I recommend spending a significant amount of time “getting to know” your ametrine stone, and becoming comfortable with its unique energy in a practical way, rather than simply a theoretical one.

Once you know how your stone “behaves,” you can feel safer in making decisions about what sort of other energies it might play well with.

Can You Get Ametrine As A Bracelet?

Yes, you can buy Ametrine bracelets. This crystal’s signature shades of yellow and purple will simply take your breath away.

The shifting colors are some of the prettiest that you will see because they change depending on the light and the angle.

For bracelets, Ametrine is often cut in rectangular shapes to equally showcase both colours.

They can also be cut in a way that the colours are blended evenly throughout the stone.

If you’re thinking of buying an Ametrine bracelet, look for bracelets that have sterling silver or 14-carat gold settings.

They make a very beautiful and elegant focal point for bracelets, as well as necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Ametrine is quite an affordable gemstone, so you will have no problems purchasing that dream bracelet you saw online or at the mall.

It is believed that wearing an Ametrine bracelet can remove the energy blockages in your chakras and all the lingering negative energies in your aura and environment.

The healing energies of this stone can replace these impurities, imbalances, and disruptions with pure light.

Ametrine is a true gift because you get two crystals in one.

Each Ametrine bracelet helps you achieve spiritual enlightenment by releasing anything that’s no longer good for you.

The energies of this crystal bring you closer to discovering your inner light!

The Citrine component of Ametrine supports you in remaining light, open, and joyful.

It promotes peace, joy, and happiness and allows you to radiate within yourself.

It does not hold on to negative energy but dispels and transmutes it. Its energy is known to attract prosperity. It’s not called the success stone for nothing!

This stone taps into the solar plexus chakra and strengthens your resolve to remain committed to your goals and decisive about your actions.

The Amethyst component of Ametrine is a stone of contentment, stability, spirituality, peace, and strength.

Like Citrine, it protects whoever wears it from negativity. It also has a powerful soothing effect that will immediately put you at ease during challenging moments of your life.

It works to calm the mind and release the creative blockages so that your thoughts will be stimulated.

This stone also affects the crown chakra so that symptoms of depression can be relieved.

Together in an Ametrine bracelet, they can provide you with the joy, peace, and satisfaction that you need in your life.

It’s the perfect bracelet to add to your jewelry collection if you desire calm, peace, and unity. Ametrine will improve your emotions and enhance your level of creativity.

On a physical level, it will help in eliminating toxins from the body. It’s also believed to help with deafness, eye problems, and dementia.

Mentally, Ametrine brings clarity and harmonizes your actions and perceptions. It boosts your concentration and encourages you to think things through before making a decision.

An Ametrine bracelet will encourage you to explore your possibilities to achieve creative solutions.

Ametrine is a very energetic stone that will support you 100% as you take control of your own life.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Ametrine

Ametrine is a very sensible stone to add to your collection, since it can be used both for the powers of citrine and the powers of amethyst, as well as for its own unique tendencies towards bringing harmony and cooperation.

If you have a limited budget, this is a great option, especially because its synthetic production makes it relatively inexpensive.

It can be a bit of an advanced stone to work with, because of its combination of two different energies, but if you take some time to really become familiar with its energy and vibration, it will serve you very well.

Additionally, even if you don’t take that time, it’s unlikely to do any damage, since amethyst, in particular, has such a positive energy to protect you with.

Have you ever used ametrine or any similar crystal that combines two different types of stone? What were your experiences with it?

Every piece is unique, and every person’s experiences are likely to be different based on the exact types and quantities of mineral present in your individual stone.

Please like and share this post in order to share further information about ametrine with others! This is a relatively little-known stone, which is unfortunate, given its multiple different purposes.

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