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Everything You Must Know About Pixiu

by cristian maxim 0 Comments

Unlock the secrets of Pixiu with our comprehensive guide. Learn about its auspicious symbolism, protective properties, and how to harness its energy for abundance and prosperity.

Pixiu, also known as Tian Lu or Pi Yao, is a celestial animal with a dragon head, horse body, and qilin's feet. With its ability to attract wealth from all directions, Pixiu is a popular Feng Shui enhancer believed to bring good fortune to homes and businesses. In this article, we explore the origins of Pixiu, its role in Feng Shui applications, and essential do's and don'ts for its placement.

  1. The Wealth Attractor: Owning a Pixiu is believed to attract and accumulate wealth, making it a sought-after Feng Shui enhancer.

  2. Protection Against Calamity: Pixiu possesses the power to safeguard its master from calamities and dangers, providing a sense of protection.

  3. Subduing Evil and Safeguarding the Home: Placing Pixiu in the home helps subdue negative energies and serves as a protective guardian for the house and its occupants.

  4. Attracting Income and Windfall Luck: Pixiu is known to have the ability to attract both primary income luck and unexpected windfall luck.

  5. Appeasing the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui): Pixiu's presence can help appease the Grand Duke Jupiter, minimizing potential negative influences.

Pixiu Feng Shui Use and Placement: Do's and Don'ts

  1. Avoid the Bedroom: Never place Pixiu in the bedroom, especially facing the bed, as it may disrupt sleep quality and cause nightmares.

  2. Steer Clear of Toilets: Avoid placing Pixiu facing the toilet, as it is considered a place of filth and foul smell.

  3. Mind the Placement Height: Position Pixiu below head level to avoid symbolizing dominance and potential conflict with its master.

  4. Face the Main Door and Windows: Place Pixiu facing the area outside your main door and windows to invite wealth energy into your home or business.

  5. Respectful Handling of Pixiu: Never stuff cash notes into the mouth of Pixiu, as it is seen as disrespectful. Pixiu is attracted to real gold and silver.

  6. Avoid Mirrors: Do not place Pixiu near or facing a mirror, as it may symbolize chasing away wealth luck.

  7. Mind the Eyes and Mouth: Avoid unnecessary touching of Pixiu's eyes and mouth, as it utilizes them to seek wealth.

Wearing Pixiu as jewelry is another option, following the same guidelines of removing it during sleep or bathing.

Remember the Chinese saying: "Touch Pixiu once, good luck comes; twice, money rolls in; three times, promotion all the way up."

Conclusion: Pixiu, the mythical creature with its wealth-attracting abilities and protective qualities, holds significant importance in Feng Shui. By understanding the do's and don'ts of Pixiu placement, you can harness its energy to invite prosperity, safeguard against negativity, and enhance the overall harmony and abundance in your life.

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