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Healing properties of silver - what is worth knowing?

by Cristian Maxim 0 Comments

The Healing Properties of Silver: Unveiling the Hidden Benefits

Silver is renowned for its aesthetic appeal as a metal used in jewellery, but its healing properties often go unnoticed. This article explores the lesser-known aspects of silver and its potential positive effects on the human body. Can silver truly possess healing properties? Let's delve deeper to find out.

  1. Understanding the Impact of Silver on Humans: Silver's influence on humans can be examined from two perspectives: colloidal silver in prescription drugs and the potential health benefits of skin contact.

  2. Colloidal Silver: Unraveling Its Mechanism: Colloidal silver, also known as colloidal or colloidal silver, is a pharmaceutical ingredient widely used in the production of prescription drugs. It combines silver with proteins and gelatin to create a potent compound.

  3. Bactericidal, Viral, and Fungicidal Properties: Silver possesses remarkable bactericidal, viral, and fungicidal properties, which have been utilized in the treatment of various diseases since the 19th century. Colargol, an external application, finds applications in ophthalmology and dermatology.

  4. Colloidal Silver as a Dietary Supplement: Although colloidal silver is sometimes marketed as a dietary supplement in highly diluted forms, it is essential to note that the American Food and Drug Administration has not found sufficient evidence to support its effectiveness despite numerous studies.

  5. Silver Jewellery: A Placebo or Healing Aid? Opinions differ regarding the healing potential of wearing silver jewellery. While some argue that wearing silver jewelry in specific ways can aid in treating certain medical conditions, it is likely to work as a placebo.

  6. Soothing Effects of Silver Necklaces: According to certain beliefs, wearing a silver necklace around the neck can induce a calming and soothing effect on the nerves, promoting relaxation.

  7. Blood Pressure Regulation: Silver jewellery worn on the ring finger is purported to possess the ability to lower blood pressure, according to certain claims. However, further scientific evidence is needed to substantiate these assertions.

  8. Calming the Digestive System: Wearing silver rings on both index fingers is said to have a positive impact on the digestive system, aiding in its calmness and balance.

While silver is widely recognized for its beauty and allure in jewelry, its potential healing properties should not be overlooked. Colloidal silver, with its bactericidal properties, has found applications in prescription drugs. The effects of wearing silver jewelry, although debated, have led to claims of alleviating certain medical conditions. Whether through colloidal silver or skin contact, silver's healing potential remains an intriguing subject for further exploration and scientific investigation.

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