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The Power of Red Tiger Eye

by Cristian Maxim 0 Comments

Boosting Confidence, Passion, and Vitality

Red Tiger Eye, also known as Tiger's Eye or Tigereye, is a remarkable stone with various physical and metaphysical properties. It stimulates and motivates, particularly in matters of passion and sexual energy. In this article, we will explore the captivating qualities of Red Tiger Eye and how it can enhance confidence, self-esteem, and vitality.

  1. Grounding Sexual Energy and Resolving Relationship Issues: Red Tiger Eye is a grounding stone that works harmoniously with the Root Chakra. It aids in manifesting sexual ideas into the physical realm and assists in resolving sexual issues that may be causing problems within relationships. By focusing on the lower chakras, Red Tiger Eye enables the transmission of higher energies through the lower half of the body.

  2. Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem: One of the notable benefits of Red Tiger Eye is its ability to enhance confidence and self-esteem. It provides motivation for those lacking drive and revitalizes individuals who are feeling lethargic. By carrying Red Tiger Eye, one can experience a surge of vitality and passion in any project they undertake.

  3. Connecting Higher Goals with Lower Chakras: While all forms of Tiger Eye raise vibrations, Red Tiger Eye uniquely bridges these energies with the lower chakras, promoting balance and preventing disconnection when working towards higher goals. Its presence helps individuals maintain a harmonious alignment between their aspirations and their rooted energy.

  4. Opening Up to Unconditional Love: Red Tiger Eye also facilitates the opening of one's energy field to embrace unconditional love. By carrying this stone, individuals can experience a greater sense of love and compassion, fostering deeper connections with others and within themselves.

Properties and Characteristics:

  • Affirmation: "I am confident, motivated, and passionate."
  • Astrological Sign: Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)
  • Primary Chakra: Root Chakra
  • Color: Red
  • Location: Brazil, Canada, India, Namibia, South Africa
  • Rarity: Common
  • Mineral Class: Silicates
  • Crystal System: Trigonal Crystal System
  • Hardness: 7 Hardness
  • Numerical Vibration: Number 4, Number 5
  • Chemical Composition: SiO2, Silicon Dioxide

Common Conditions:

  • Physical: Anemia, Blood Disorders, Eye Disorders and Infections, Night Vision, Physical Strength, Sexual Dysfunction, Vitality
  • Emotional: Calming, Enthusiasm, Motivation, Self Confidence and Self Worth
  • Spiritual: Clarity

Grade Descriptions:

  • Extra Grade: Beautiful red to dark red color, beautiful striped pattern, good flash (chatoyancy), opaque, < 10% matrix
  • A Grade: Nice red to dark red color, nice striped pattern, some flash (chatoyancy), opaque, 10% – 25% matrix
  • B Grade: Poor red to dark red color, poor striped pattern, little to no flash (chatoyancy), opaque, and/or > 25% matrix

Red Tiger Eye is a captivating stone with powerful properties that can enhance various aspects of life. From boosting confidence and motivation to grounding sexual energy and promoting vitality, this stone offers a range of benefits. By incorporating Red Tiger Eye into your life, you can tap into its stimulating energies and experience a renewed sense of passion, self-assurance, and connection.

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