Abundant Bliss Candle with Crystals

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Invite an aura of prosperity and fulfillment into your space with our Abundant Bliss Candle with Crystals—a rich composition of...

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Invite an aura of prosperity and fulfillment into your space with our Abundant Bliss Candle with Crystals—a rich composition of luxurious notes and empowering crystals.


Immerse yourself in the opulent blend designed to evoke feelings of prosperity, success, and contentment.

Top Notes:
Citrus Spark, Zesty Orange, Sunlit Bergamot

Embark on a journey of abundance with the invigorating top notes. Citrus spark, zesty orange, and sunlit bergamot create a bright and uplifting symphony, setting the stage for a prosperous olfactory experience that energizes and inspires.


Middle Notes:
Golden Amber, Exotic Vanilla, Rich Sandalwood

As the fragrance unfolds, discover the opulence within the middle notes. Golden amber, exotic vanilla, and rich sandalwood weave together to form a luxurious tapestry of scents. This harmonious blend adds depth and warmth, evoking a sense of richness and fulfillment.


Base Notes:
Cashmere Woods, Precious Musk, Patchouli

The journey concludes with grounding base notes that provide a solid foundation for abundance. Cashmere woods, precious musk, and patchouli add a touch of earthiness and sophistication, ensuring a well-rounded and enduring olfactory experience.


Enhanced with Prosperity Crystals

Infused with crystals carefully selected for their associations with prosperity, our candle transcends mere scent to become an embodiment of abundance. Witness the crystals shimmer within the candlelight, casting a warm and inviting glow that enhances the overall sense of opulence and well-being.

Embrace the abundant energy of our Abundant Bliss Candle with Crystals. Whether you're manifesting prosperity, seeking inspiration, or simply desiring an environment filled with positive vibrations, let this indulgent blend of notes and crystals transform your space into a haven of abundance.


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Bracelets Recommendations:

• Roll bracelets on and off to prolong their life.

• Wear on the left wrist to absorb the crystal's energy into your aura.

• Wear on the right wrist to remove negative energies or manifest specific positive energies that resonate with your crystal.

Necklace Recommendations:

• Keep away from water and moisture.

• Wipe gently with a dry cloth after use.

• Store separately to avoid tangling.

• Avoid contact with perfumes and harsh chemicals.

• Check for loose components and have them repaired if needed.

Crystals Recommendations:

• Regularly cleanse using smudging, moonlight, or water. Recharge with selenite or clear quartz.

• Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

• Handle with care to prevent breakage.

• Meditate or set intentions to connect with their energies.

By following these simple recommendations, you can enjoy the beauty and positive energies of your crystal necklaces and crystals for years to come.

Remember that each crystal is unique, so take the time to understand and bond with their individual properties and qualities.

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