Chakra Crystal Set
Chakra Crystal Set
Chakra Crystal Set
Chakra Crystal Set

Chakra Crystal Set


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Chakra Crystal Set - Reiki Crystals

This Chakra Crystal Set is a vibrant collection of 9 healing tumbled crystals with 1 Selenite .

Citrine, blue tiger's eye, pink crystal, amethyst, sapphire, amethyst, green ghost, amethyst pillar, pink crystal pillar.

Uses of the Chakra Reiki Crystal Set:

Chakra Healing:

Place the crystals on the respective chakras for charging it.


Hold the crystal of your choice, close your eyes and meditate.


Create an affirmation; hold the crystal and chant your affirmation at it.

Feng Shui:

Place the crystals in Feng Shui directions to attract Harmony (East), Education (northeast), Career (north), Luck (north west), Wealth (southeast), Fame (south), Romance (southwest) and Kids (west).

How To Cleanse Your Crystals?

Take the selenite tower
Circle it thrice over the crystal you want to clean off the bad energy.
Do it before and after use.

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